Weekly Summary: 1

Weekly Summary: 1

I thought I knew what I was getting into when I signed up but it seems I was quite wrong. I learned about setting a website and the complex task of being an administrator. I was introduced to several new media sites like SoundCloud and Flickr. It was hard to navigate the admin page of my site and to understand the complex work of managing a website.

I began my setup with Twitter. It was simple enough. Its structure is similar to Disqus.

It was also an easy setup with YouTube. I used the recorder on my phone. I ought to get a webcam for my computer.

The apps that were new to me were Soundcloud and Flickr but I got used to them rather quickly.

Hi I'm Eric, a senior at umw and it's good to be in ds106

Probably the most enjoyable one to get used to was SoundCloud. It was fun to learn listen to music and soundbits on it. In general, apps like Soundcloud and Flickr introduced me to apps I never knew I had on my computer.

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