The family arms

My name is Eric Dorman but on my Dad’s side I have an ancestor named Gilbert Russell Payson. GRP was a wealthy man and, in his lifetime, he bought three islands. No these aren’t islands in the tropics, with white sand, palm trees, and warm wind. These are in Cape Cod, uninhabited and swarming with flesh eating insects. Only one of them has buildings on it and none have proper electricity or plumbing. Everyone loves it and each year, descendants of GRP come from as far away as England to enjoy lobster and each others company. GRP bought the three islands for bird hunting. After his death, his surviving children turned them into bird sanctuaries. To this day the three islands are participating in the Cape Cod National Seashore as part of natural conservation in the area.


When I saw the assignment of making your own house banner I was immediately intrigued. It was an enjoyable assignment.

The blue and green are natural colors representing the land and the water. The goblet is the symbol of the Clambake, the annual summer feast that we Payson descendants enjoy. The bird is also a natural symbol as the islands were turned into bird sanctuaries among other things.

“United by Home” The three islands, particularly Pochet (pronounced Poachy) the island with buildings on it are truly special to have the ability to keep a growing and spread out family connected and together. Many are lucky to know all of their 1st cousins while we’re off cracking open a cold one with our 4th cousins. We will do what we can to keep these places and their memories in the family.

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