Little victories

It’s hard for me to remember and connect with people. It’s especially hard for me to remember their names. Earlier today in fact I saw a guy in passing from a freshman class, I knew his face and not his name. I’m currently in a single room in Jeffy. I have a neighbor named Brian. At breakfast I saw him and was able to sit with him. In all my time at the University of Mary Washington I’ve never sat with anyone. We didn’t say much. We mostly talked about classes. To most people this would be an everyday conversation, but for an introvert like me it was a major step towards linking with people who pass by my door everyday. As an introvert I don’t bond with others easily. At most social gatherings I’m usually in its outer regions orbiting around the snack table. The thing about introverts is that the internet allows us to empty our minds and express ourselves which is why Digital Storytelling should be an interesting experience.

With the actual heroes of our history, there is no epic gladiator duel that can save or destroy the world. They became legends through little victories, their greatest achievements were gained in increments.

I’m Eric Dorman, a senior and a double major in Historic Preservation and Environmental Geology. I’m also seeking the GIS certificate. I joined digital storytelling for the gen ed and it looks like it is going to be a lot more than I expected.

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