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OK so I’m bending the rules of the assignment by having it a quote from an anime rather than a movie but it is still memorable. The story of One Piece is centered on a boy called Monkey D. Luffy who aspires to be King of the Pirates. Unlike most pirates however. Luffy is very kind for a pirate as well as bold, adventurous, and a glutton for dangerous situations. Furthermore he values deeply the lives of those he cares about including his crew. At all times through most of the series he is always confidant in his abilities, but then a series of unfortunate events happened. First, Luffy and his crew faced a foe they currently lacked the strength to defeat and it caused him and his crew to be literally scattered around the world. Soon after that, Luffy learned that his brother-by-oath Ace, who Luffy thought the highest of, was nearing execution, Luffy went through great trials and suffering to rescue his brother only to have him die in his arms amidst a great war between the Marines and the Pirate Armada that mobilized to save him under Ace’s captain Whitebeard. Before his dead brother on the battlefield, Luffy’s body shut down from overwhelming grief and shock. When he regained consciousness after the war in a safe location, he was on the verge of insanity from despair and loss. A veteran pirate who participated in the battle, Jinbei the Honorable proceeded to save Luffy from himself by reminding him that though Ace was gone he mustn’t count his losses alone and it was that Luffy realized that he still had his crew in this world. There are many messages in One Piece and this one concerns being able to face loss and move on.

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