DS106 Radio

The drama on the radio followed the format of reading out of the book. It used music to accent the moment. There is also importance in the tone of the actors voices. When I hear it I think of the black and white murder mystery shows from the 50s.

Moon Graffiti

Stories are a form of communication and communication succeeds by appealing to ones senses. Audio storytelling means getting a message across by solely appealing to the sense of hearing. Moon Graffiti achieved this. It explained itself with words, it used eerie space music to set the tone and mood. They tossed in radio static for […]

Weekly Summary 4

This week was hard to put to paper. It is going to be interesting in the future trying to portray my superhero, Tech, from DS’s many perspectives. Probably my major problem was lack of resources to make Tech a visual reality. Daily Creates were fun as usual and it was interesting to think about the […]