Radio show results

This is the final result of our group project to make a radio show. The style is as an interview between Hannah Woehrle and Megan Liberty. Reverse songs and the intro were made by Courtney Owen and all the sound was put together by yours truly. Everyone contributed ads.

Weekly Summary 7

Overall, it has been a good week and I think my group and I have laid down good ground from our project and will continue to do so over Fall Break. Radioshow progress Radio Promo Political commercial Another commercial New radio ad #tdc2104 Having creative bloc… — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) October 13, 2017 #ds106 […]

Weekly Summary: 6

As someone who thinks visually this was an easy week. I was able to understand the concepts that go into digital design and quickly came up with ideas while taking advantage of new tools like HeroMachine. The daily creates were more of a head scratcher or sometimes just missed opportunities. It was easy to do […]