Weekly Summary 9

This week was certainly interesting. Through different lenses: pencils and sketches Redesigning a page I play a game called Mount and Blade Warband. Part of the experience is getting together some skilled companions including Jeremus. How it began: The New Age of Calradia This was a memorable trip for me, I don’t know if I’ll […]

Radio thoughts

Listening to Sweet and Sour, I heard an interesting story well made with voice changer and sound effects. It also had a separate event concerning a hero overcoming a task which was also well done. If it had a weak point its that the dialogue felt a little emotionless at times. SCAR Network had very […]

Weekly Summary 8

This was a fun group project though it took us time to get it done. My task was putting the sounds together on Audacity and I feel I learned more about the software from it. Radio Show Progress Part 2 Radio show results #tdc2110 Spiral Notebook pic.twitter.com/A3OCXgKs6b — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) October 20, 2017 #ds106 […]