Week 11 Summary

This was another tough. It’s safe to say I’m not destined to be a full time video blogger. A day in a superhero’s life. Final Ideas: Meme making When its cold. A ds106 superhero story Where do your shoes take you? Dorm to Downtown. #tdc2130 Pie in the sky pic.twitter.com/Tt1LweCAbz — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) November […]

Weekly Summary 10

This was my hardest week. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a video blogger. Video Essay Ds106 Reactions Ds 106 Life Hacks What do you do? Look at web comics Upvoting Tutorial #tdc2124 pic.twitter.com/j9cknaPFO0 — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) November 2, 2017 #ds106 #tdc2121 Rare image of exotic two-can. pic.twitter.com/5nhyncB3TW — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) […]

Video Essay

You’ll see the focus change with Poison Ivy, a shift in light when Joker is thrown at the table and pic shots; a close up on the penguin and the cards as well as ones more distant with Two Face and PI when they’re aiming at Batman. https://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/how-to-read-a-movie