Weekly Summary 9

This week was certainly interesting. Through different lenses: pencils and sketches Redesigning a page I play a game called Mount and Blade Warband. Part of the experience is getting together some skilled companions including Jeremus. How it began: The New Age of Calradia This was a memorable trip for me, I don’t know if I’ll […]

Radio thoughts

Listening to Sweet and Sour, I heard an interesting story well made with voice changer and sound effects. It also had a separate event concerning a hero overcoming a task which was also well done. If it had a weak point its that the dialogue felt a little emotionless at times. SCAR Network had very […]

Weekly Summary 8

This was a fun group project though it took us time to get it done. My task was putting the sounds together on Audacity and I feel I learned more about the software from it. Radio Show Progress Part 2 Radio show results #tdc2110 Spiral Notebook pic.twitter.com/A3OCXgKs6b — Eric Dorman (@EricDormanofVA) October 20, 2017 #ds106 […]

Radio show results

This is the final result of our group project to make a radio show. The style is as an interview between Hannah Woehrle and Megan Liberty. Reverse songs and the intro were made by Courtney Owen and all the sound was put together by yours truly. Everyone contributed ads.